T2P Project Management Meeting

On 24th June 2020 IBC-M hosted Project Management meeting with its Consortium Partners.

The meeting was held through Blue Jeans Platform and had the following attendants:


IBC-M Mihone Kerolli, Alfia Urazaeva, Bujar Gallopeni, Agron Hajdari, Gzim Idrizi, Gresa Ferri
UP Hysen Bytyqi
UPZ Jasmin Jusufi
UHZ Florin Peci
CEPL Sonja Radenkovic
UASF Bujar Pira
HGU Jon Hanf
UL Majda Cernic
UNWE Diana Kopeva
FHS Ulrike Szigeti


Mihone Kerolli/Project Coordinator has welcomed all the participants and updated on the general status of the project. Namely, the following activities are either in implementing or planned phase:

WP2. Activity 2.1.2. Establishment of the T2Ps

WP2. Activity 2.3.1. Conduct of field research and development of the case studies

WP2. Activity 2.3.2. Testing of pilot case studies, feedback by enterprise

WP2. Activity 2.3.3. Drafting, selection, translation and publishing/printing Book of Case Studies/Guidelines for the Case Study Methodology

WP2. Activity 2.4.1. Updating of curricula of partner HEI

WP2. Activity 2.4.2. Organization of the workshop on EQF referencing

WP2. Activity 2.4.3. Development of new e-courses and referencing against EQF

WP 3. Activity 3.3. Obtaining National Accreditation

WP3. Activity 3.4. External evaluation of updated study

WP3. Activity 3.5. Meetings of the Editorial Committee

WP3. Activity 3.6. External review of education materials

WP3. Activity 3.7. External audit of the project

WP4. Activity 4.5. Organization of scientific Conference

Bujar Gallopeni led the session and has updated the partners on the number of the case studies developed so far, balance to develop and distribution of the feedback on the case studies by the international partners to national partners. National Partners were requested to send reviewed Case Studies under Round II by 15th July. III Round Case studies will have to be finalized during summer, in order to start working on the edition of the book.

Agron Haidari led the session and has discussed the approach on the development of Life-Long Learning Courses through the established T2P Association.

Gzim Idrizi has updated the partners on the Round II delivery. Majority of the equipment has arrived, however, due to COVID-19 some equipment is facing delivery issues.  Round III of the final purchase is in the process, awaiting for the offers from suppliers.

Gresa Ferri has updated the partners on the details of Special Mobility Strand:

Students mobilities: 6 students managed to start their mobilities (2 are completed – 4 ongoing); 14 in total are on hold.

Staff mobilities outgoing: 66 mobilities realized; 60 to be realized

Staff mobilities incoming:11 realized, all from UNWE, Bulgaria and University of Ljubljana; 40 to be realized.

NWRC partner has responded that all mobilities are on hold till Spring 2021.

Salzburg partner (represented by Ulrike Szigeti ) has informed the Consortium that they still can host 2-3 students, however, proposed to put on hold staff mobilities. UNZ and UASF will be checking with their students’ possibilities to participate in this mobility.

UL partner (represented by Majda Cernic) has informed Consortium that Slovenia has introduced mandatory 14 days’ quarantine, thus mobility of the staff is not possible at this moment.

Response from UNWE and Geisenheim is awaited.

Monthly follow up will be done with the partners to check if mobilities can be resumed with possible planning incoming semester (2020-2021).

It was proposed to vote with the Consortium if we plan to move the Scientific Conference to an online version or we will implement it in Sprint 2021, which will mean extension of the project.

Partners were reminded to send the abstracts by the extended deadline of 15th August 2020.

The meeting was finished by Mihone Kerolli, who thanked all the partners for their continuous work on the project.