Updates from Fitore Fetahi on her mobility at Geisenheim University

I am going to start this article by saying that these couple of months have been tough for us with the all latest incidents, all the pandemic news, I hope you are staying home and staying safe.

Today I am going to write about my experience for these couple of months in Hochschule Geisenheim University. I know, this is my third article and I am more than pleased to share my amazing experience with my fellow students.

These months have been quite intense, we had winter semester exams, then all the COVID-19 incidents made the summer semester more difficult and more stressful. I did sign up for different classes and wanted to take the exams, therefore I can see the difference between the evaluation that professors do in Germany and those in Kosovo. I can say that there is not as much of a difference, except for the fact that the third year is mostly evaluated by projects, worked in team groups. Lucky me, I had the opportunity to work with some incredible students, who were really helpful. I did not need that much help, because as I said most of the things were the same as in Kosovo, especially the paper seminars, therefore I was quite successful in the exams. In the meantime, I did grow my circle of friendship, to which I can say that they are amazing people. I got to learn a lot about their countries, their cultures and in the meantime, I started learning quite a few languages To take off the stress from the exams they made me go to carnivals. It is really beautiful; they are really artistic when it comes to showing their perspective on politics and other issues that Germany is facing.

And as for the summer semester, we all know that this pandemic made it impossible to follow the classes at University, therefore the University has come up with a plan to post lessons in STUDIP, which is a webpage for all the students of Geisenheim University to follow the lessons that they want. That does not mean that all the classes were held online, we had some classes that needed the presence of students in the University. I also had the opportunity to visit some wineries in Rheingau and I have to admit the view is beautiful and helped me take of the stress for the summer semester exams that will be soon.

I am having so much fun here with the students and I am really sad that I have to leave soon. I admit that this was such a great experience for me. I am thankful for making it possible for me to study here.

Here are some pictures showing a few of my moments as an exchanged student from Kosovo in Hochschule Geinseheim University.