Baseline Survey Report on the link between the education system and the labour market demands, 2018

Report on the Innovation Conference for Sustainable Future Prishtina, May 2019 

Report on the Innovation Conference: Business and Education; Challenges and Opportunities, Peja, October 2019


Developed Case Studies

International Business College Mitrovica – IBC-M
Name of the Course Title of the Case Study Case Study Description  Company/ Organization Lecturer responsible
Philosophy of Science and Methodology Conservation of natural resources and their efficient use for sustainable development in Kosovo As a consultancy company specialized in environmental licensing ,students are tasked to provide an assessment on proposal for starting a mobile telecommunication services in support of a client’s company intention to achieve its objectives through improving customer satisfaction by providing new telecommunication services and support in the field. The study would concern the issue of obtaining the necessary documentation required by law (licenses/permits). GLOBALTEL Jelena Djokic
Philosophy of Science and Methodology Starting Tourism Development in Mitrovica Region The students will form the virtual Consulting company that will perform the Feasibility study for the potential investor, who has an idea to start the Hotel on his land on the nearby Mountain Bajgora. The investor is aiming to achieve full environmental sustainability. The students will investigate the legal, economical, social and environmental conditions for the investment and advice on each part of the Hotel project. N/A Jelena Djokic
Strategy and Business Development, Food safety and Food quality Starting Ice-cream production in Mitrovica The case is focused on the environmental, market and legal conditions for starting sustainable ice-cream production in Mitrovica. There will be analyzed the location, transportation, market needs, legal requirements, as well as water and waste management conditions to sustain profitable business with new product on the local market Sweet house Aleksandar Djikic
Principles of Marketing Marketing Mix Concept of AquaSana Company This case is about analyzing marketing concept of Aquasana Company, and the rapid changes they faced during the years, to see how their approaches ensured them loyal customers or at least regular consumers. Aquasana Milan Veselinovic
Strategic Marketing, Market Research, Investment Theory and Finance, Intercultural Communication and Organizational Behavior, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Marketing and Organizational Challenges for Successful Positioning in the Rural Tourism & Hospitality Market This case study is focused on tourism, precisely on rural tourism, and aims to assess an offer from Etno Village Zavicaj with respect to the current market needs. The case study analyses its marketing, management and organizational aspects in order to provide solutions for enhancing its position in the market place and increase its profitability. Ethno village Zavicaj Gabrijela Velickovic

Jelena Stanojevic


University of Prishtina – UP
Name of the Course Title of the Case Study Case Study Description  Company/ Organization Lecturer responsible
Principles of Scientific Research The impact of protein and amino acid content on Kosovo’s traditional sausage This case of study includes examination of the drying process effect on the chemical parameters of the traditional sausage produced in the traditional form. By which students will be able to perform different quality analysis. N/A Hysen Bytyqi
Weed Management Evaluation for adequate herbicide use for weed control in potato crop The purpose of this study case is the evaluation of herbicide efficacy in potato crop.

This case study will help students to understand the complexity of solving problems in the field and how to deal in similar cases in future.

Individual farmers Arben Mehmeti


University “Haxhi Zeka” – UHZ
Name of the Course Title of the Case Study Case Study Description  Company/ Organization Lecturer responsible
1.Risk Management

2. Financial Risk Management

3.Financial Institutions Management

4. Risk assessment and control

Financial risk management in the organization This case study is about analyzing the process of financial risk management in a private sector organization. Through this case study the student needs to identify and discuss the credit risk approach, policies and process, liquidity risk and market risk. The student needs to be able to identify the major financial risks facing the company and what are the next steps that they should take as a risk managers in the process of achieving the company’s objectives. NewCo Ferronikeli complex, Drenas Fisnik Morina
Management of SMEs How to succeed in emerging markets? This case study is about analyzing a private enterprise. It is up to the students to identify and discuss the dimensions of business development that will then be evaluated through the use of appropriate assessment tools. Student need to analyze also the innovation processes that improve the quality of service in private companies. S&A – Accounting and Translation Office, Peja Suada Ajdapasic
1. Human Resources Management
2. Organization and Management
3. Organization Behavior
Recruitment and Selection In this case study students will identify and discuss the dimensions of human resource management, in particular the recruitment and selection process. They have to analyze the steps of a genuine recruitment and selection process for a particular organization also the processes undertaken by the organization, the results of the R&S process, the overall results of the R&S proces, and give their suggestions about the organization’s policies for that process. IMBUS Company, Peja Alma Shehu
Strategic Management The importance of SPACE tools in strategic decision making based on the strategic management field. Through this case study students have the opportunity to identify the importance of different tools and techniques in strategic management and the impact that they create for the organization in terms of facilitating decision-making, planning and business-to-business engagement as attractive activities. Through this developed learning unit students have the opportunity to know more closely with the strategic thinking and profitability that brings this knowledge and a special business segment. Elkos Group, Peje  Elvis Elezaj
Statistical Analysis Challenges and difficulties of Carrier Office in generating information from the students This case study is about analyzing the Carrier Office within the University “Haxhi Zeka”. Students will have to identify and discuss the difficulties the office is facing and help in creating a sample and a questionnaire in order to support the realization of the tasks in this office and also in improving the services. Carrier Office in UHZ Vjosa Hajdari
Advanced Corporate Finance Capital Budgeting In this case study students will analyze a company in the private sector. This company has planned to realize an investment project such as purchasing new plants, students have to identify and discuss the expected return of this project project (internal rate of return, accounting rate of return, net present value, and payback period) Birra Peja  Vlora Berisha Dranqolli
Fundamentals of Marketing Promotion In this case study students task is to analyze the promotion of a private company, taking into consideration that it is a newly opened business, they have to analyze the issues related to its promotion and steps that need to be taken. Students need to further elaborate the steps which have been taken and how successful they have resulted so far and give suggestions on challenges and promotion opportunities. The Queens Library, Peja Alma Shehu
Microeconomics Externalities Taking into consideration the current situation of businesses in Kosovo, it’s up the students to analyze the positive and negative externalities in modeling sustainable business model for growth and development of Kosovo businesses. Students have to discuss issues related to the advancement and the steps that need to be followed in order to get positive results. Also, they need to elaborate what steps should a businessmen undertake to be able to face any challenge and obstacle; or strength and opportunity. Kosovo Businesses Suada Ajdarpasic
1. Corporate Finance
2. Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility Through this case study students have to identify and discuss the approach, policies and process of corporate social responsibility in the chosen private company. SHARRCEM Fisnik Morina
Informatics Digitalization of the data base (Cash Diary) Through this case study the students have to identify and discuss the lack that small companies have in digitalizing the database and elaborate on the steps that the enterprise should follow for digitization of data. Big Market, Peja Vjosa Hajdari
Human resource Management Recruitment, employee needs and methods. The task of this case study is to identify and discuss the difficulties faced by enterprises during the recruitment process of young staff and the methods used during this process. Through this developed learning unit students have the opportunity to get familiar with the recruitment process, the methods and qualifications needed when recruiting employees HR Departments Edona Draga


College of Economics Pec-Leposavic – CEPL
Name of the Course Title of the Case Study Case Study Description  Company/ Organization Lecturer responsible
1. Validation of the Companies

2. Introduction to Information Systems

Development of Electronic Document Management System This case study focuses on exploring the possibilities for developing and implementing an electronic document management system in the municipal administration Municipality of Leposavic Sonja D. Radenković

Jelena Šaranović

1.Banking Business

2. Mathematics

Waste Classification According to Type of Waste The case study focuses on the classification of waste according to the origin and type, as well as the implementation of measures for using the special bins with different types of waste (population education, introduction of communal police, etc.) Utility Company, Leposavic Mirjana Mrvaljević

Vesna Simović

1.English Language

2. Entrepreneurship

Green Energy Production from Renewable Energy Sources The case study explores the possibilities for the production of green energy using renewable energy sources (animal waste and other livestock waste) Zoo-Trade Branka Spasojević

Slava Milenković

1. Operational and Strategic Management

2. Financial Management

Optimizing the Business in the Area of Ore Production This case study is focused in the optimising the process of production the ore through the increasing the productivity, as well as the cost reduction, excluding the opportunity of recruiting new employees. Trepca Violeta Mihajlović

Valentina Milosavljević

1. Accounting

2. National Economy

Stimulation the Production of Agricultural Products for Final Consumption The case study is focused on finding the possibilities for stimulating agricultural production of final products, not semi-products, or raw materials Zoo-Trade Boban Dašić

Radmila Trklja

1. Enterprise Economy

2. Methodology of Professional Research

Possibility of Collecting Receivables using Modern, Available Methods and Techniques The case study identifies the dimensions of the service provided, which should be charged using modern payment methods and techniques. It also explains the innovation processes that improve the quality of service in the same public utility company Utility Company, Leposavic Bojan Jokić

Bojana Jokić

1. Economy

2. Commercial Law

Optimizing the Business in the Area of Ore Production The case study investigates the possibilities for the development of service center in the public administration, focusing on facilitating communication between citizens and city structures Municipality of Leposavic Gordana Jovanović

Ana Matović

1. Business Statistics

2. Financial Management

Opportunities to Improve Tailings Capacity The case study explores measures to mitigate adverse environmental impacts, the proper selection of protective barriers to reduce the environmental footprint of the tailings pond and opportunities to inject lead-eating bacteria;. Unitility Company, Leposavic Bojan Labović

Tatjana Eldić

1. Cost Management

2.Management of the SMEs

Association of Farmers on the Market The case study examines the opportunities for collaboration the farmers through the creation of associations for the purpose of more effective market entry and the utilization of funds derived from current programs for the promotion of agriculture Zoo-Trade Nenad Mitrović

Željko Dević


University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj – UASF
Name of the Course Title of the Case Study Case Study Description  Company/ Organization Lecturer responsible
Human Resources


Staff Management and Application of the New Technology for Production This case study is about analyzing and discussing the importance of staff management and the application of new technology in the production process and how it affects product quality, timely profit, material costs, exit to regional and international markets and so on CiaoBerto, Vushtrri Ismajl Mehmeti
Entrepreneurship How can the auto repair business build trust in consumers? This case study analyzes the way a small and family car business operates in the way that relieves the fear and anxiety for their customers and how they manage to stay on the market. Auto Repair “Albi”, Ferizaj Arta Jashari
TBD Identification of factors affecting the coefficient of utilization of wood for production of “Genta” chair at NTP “Plisi” Pleshinë-Ferizaj The case study presents the possibility of increasing the coefficient of utilization of the timber raw material for the production of the “Genta” chair. NTP “Plisi” Ferizaj Bujar Jashari
TBD Efficient power utilization of electro motors during production of k-132 chair at “Tefik Çanga Design”Company in Ferizaj. “Tefik Çanga Design” Company Lulzim Idrizi
Mathematics Application of Mathematics in designing, processing and assembling of furniture Feride Qorolli
TBD A gap between product designer and manufacturers in Kosovo Wood Industry The purpose of this case study is to understand how “EuroArt”, company located in a
region of Ferizaj, chooses to design furniture. Do they design furniture according to their
facilities or employees design for the preferences of their owners or just copy the
products design from top ranked companies
EUROART Florit Hoxha
Human Resources The DAQA Company – A Success Story DAQA Company Bislim Lekiqi