Conference 2

Innovation Conference
Business and Education: Challenges and Opportunities

We are glad to announce that The University of Peja is organizing 2019 Innovations Conference titled ”Business and Education; Challenges and Opportunities”, which will take place on October 18th, 2019 at the University’s
Amphitheatre, Peja, Kosovo. The official language of the conference is English.

The aim of the Conference is to bring together key actors from the Kosovo Business community and Higher Education sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities both sectors: changing and expanding mission of HEIs in exploring new approaches for getting closer to labour market needs and tackling existing quality and skills mismatches, as well as fostering
International and national traineeship for student employability.

The Conference will start with the two panels, which will discuss the following
First Session: The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture
Second Session: Gender differences of entrepreneurial challenges

Second part of the Conference foresees active participation of the students from all partner institutions, who will come together to groups to discuss such topics as:

  • Career Exploration & Skills Development
  • What changes do you want?
  • Incentives for students to have volunteer activities
  • What changes can you bring for better society?
  • Brain Drain and its effects on business development

If you would like to participate, please fill in participation form. The link for conference registration is open until 14th October, 2019.

Looking forward to see you!


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