Call for Student Start-up Ideas – 3rd Round

IBC-M’s Business Development Department as part of the T2P project is launching a call for student startup ideas in the early growth stage – third round.

During these challenging times of fighting COVID-19, many of us wish to return to normality, but why not to use this time effectively and work on an idea which you have been developing in your head and heart – to apply to participate please submit a short idea concept note including the area that would like to develop further and qualified IBC-M staff members will mentor the most innovative startup ideas. Young entrepreneurs will receive support in many aspects, such as:

  •       Professional support, mentoring and advice.
  •       Training in required areas.
  •       Fully equipped facilities.

The start-ups will go through two main stages:

  1.     Early-stage startup.
  2.     Pre-start and Start Phase.

IBC-M will further support the start-ups in search of supporting funds and finance.

Taking into consideration the situation with COVID-19, online-based ideas are strongly encouraged – we urge students to nurture their creativity and apply.

Please send your concept note to Alfia Urazaeva – Head of Business Development Department [] before 8th May 2020.