Working with NWRC Students’ Union – Donjeta Pllana from IBC-M

I am Donjeta Pllana, an undergraduate student of International Sales & Marketing at International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M).

Firstly I must say that I am honoured to be given this opportunity of working with North West Regional College because having the opportunity to work abroad, in a different workplace and with people coming from a different background and culture is

something that most of the students strive to. For me as a Kosovan student, having the chance to work in UK would have never been possible without the continuously help from the IBC-M team who are always keeping the students informed with all of the exchange opportunities abroad.

Being here in Derry and the first time away from my family is something new for me and a little bit of challenge in itself but it is more than worth it! Here in college and in the city of Derry in general, people are very warm, polite and helpful and I must say that all of the hard work, knowledge and the core skills such as communication, interpersonal, team working, innovation thinking & problem solving gained during studies at IBC-M are now paying off.

Knowing that nowadays most of the employers are experiencing a persistent gap between the skills which are needed in the labour market and those that are offered by the workforce, while in here I am looking forward to building and enhancing the skills which will help me further in my future career development, finding a stable job and above all to participate in economic and social life in Kosovo and abroad.

A big thank you goes to IBC-M for giving me this great opportunity and to NWRC for their warm welcoming. I am more than excited to know where this great experience here will lead me to!