Workshop And Study Visits Under Erasmus + Capacity Building Project CTPCIE

From the 26th to the 28th September, IBC-M and its partners under Erasmus + Capacity Building Project “Creating Theory to Practice Centers for Innovation and Employment”( CTPCIE) were visiting its Bulgarian partner, the University of National and World Economy (UNWE).
Within the Agenda, partners visited Sofia TechPark. Sofia Tech Park JSC was founded in early June 2012. It is owned by the Ministry of Economy and the State Consolidation Company. Between 2012 and 2015 the company developed scientific research infrastructure in support of the Bulgarian innovative business and created approximately 40,000m2 of new and renovated building space to accommodate applied research laboratories, a general incubator, innovative lecture theaters for education, discussion forums, places to demonstrate new technology. As well as office spaces, car parking facilities and pedestrian green spaces. The visit was proceeded by a session about existing T2P models in UNWE. Institute for postgraduate studies (IPS), an example of a possible T2P model for Kosovo was presented.  IPS has special legal status and position within UNWE, where basic administrative supporting financing comes from the university and the state provides support through specific  rograms/centers. The institute is self-sustained, and IPS provides vocational training’s to post-graduates, vocational qualifications and life-long learning. It also provides training, consultancy, research and publishing to its customers. Since there is less demand for training, IPS is concentrated on projects and consultancy. Businesses have the opportunity to get tailored research within their industry or products. 
Consultancy is provided through the following Training Centers:
  1. Economics and management center
  2. Finance and accounting center
  3. Quality management and international projects center
  4. Vocational training center
  5. Facultative education center
Other workshops included presentations of case study models used by UNWE. On the 3rd and final day of the workshop featured T2P centers to be established in each Kosovo partner institution. The project will proceed with the workshop on case study methodology identification, which will be shared with existing partners as well as external stakeholders. It was an interesting experience and drew a lot of conclusions on how to move the project forward.