Second Year Call for Student’s Start-Up Ideas










Under Business Development Department/T2P Center we are running a program for student’s start–ups.We would like to launch our second year call in search for student’s startup ideas in the early growth stage.

The most innovative startup ideas will be mentored by qualified staff of IBC-M and invited experts relevant to your start up idea. Young entrepreneurs will receive support in many aspects, such as:

  •  Professional advice
  •  Facility
  • Equipment (laptops, printer, other relevant equipment if available)

The start-ups will go through 2 stages:
1. Early stage start up
2. Pre-start and Start Phase.

IBC-M will further support the start-ups in searching for the capital for you to start. Please send your Motivation Letters stating short concept of your idea to Mrs. Alfia Urazaeva/Head of Business Development Department ( by 15 th November 2019.