My first month in Salzburg – The story of Nikoleta Mihajlovic from CEPL

It feels like a dream to be granted a scholarship and a chance to study abroad for a full year at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Realizing it to be true, I instantly knew that I was in for a quite an adventure.

The first arrival threw me back in time. Mesmerized by the historical city, there is no end to exploring tales that each crevice told. Lush colours of autumn follow me despite the rainy weather, even adding an air of solemnity to it.

The city is quite international with no shortage of different nationalities. English is widely known, making getting around a breeze.

The university is a place of opportunity and offers a place for people of various interests. Both campuses in Urstein and Kuchl are beautiful and the staff is very warm and helpful.

I am thankful for being accommodated right across the main station, a perfect starting point for any expedition.

The place already feels like home and I am grateful to be given this opportunity. I eagerly await to see where this journey will lead me next.