Donjeta’s update from the North West Regional College (NWRC)

I am Donjeta Pllana, an undergraduate IBC-M student. Currently, as part of my studies I am doing an internship with North West Regional College in Northern Ireland.

It has been 2 months and a half now since I am here in Derry and the work with NWRC Students’ Union is continuously equipping me with the skills that will help in my future career development by at the same time helping me define my weaknesses at the workplace and working to turn them into strengths.

Working with NWRC Students’ Union is something that most of the students would like to try during their studies since it is so attractive, flexible and you will learn by doing!

At the time of writing (18 March 2020), the world is dealing with COVID 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, where the virus outbreak began in late 2019 but is still continuing.

Of course, for me as a foreign student in Derry, being away from my family and friends during these tough times is difficult. Here in the city, a decision was taken by the college to cancel all of the classes till Monday 23rd of March and professors were adviced to prepare online resources for their students. Due to my personal decision, I am staying self-isolated during this time by being in contact with my supervisor and working from home.

I feel worried and overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the times but if we are lucky and all work together, we will get through all of this and hopefully we will be able to return to “normal” life.