A day in Geisenheim – The story of Fitore Hajdini from University of Prizren

Quite a big turn of events in my life. I am really happy with myself, having the chance to win a scholarship and study abroad for 1 year in Hochschule Geisenheim University. I have to admit I am in love with the city. Such a beautiful city.

It’s my first day, but I can already tell that it is going to be an exciting year for me. Geisenheim is a small town, but I love it here. The houses are so colorful and artistic, there is a lot of green nature, what I love the most are the people. They are so friendly and very helpful. As you know here everyone is a German speaker and I have found it difficult to adapt, because I do not know German, but lucky me most of them know English and they try their best to help me.

The place is so ancient, there is a river which I also love. Also there are a lot of grape vine that give the nature a beautiful color.

On my way to my new apartment I had Ms.Kampe helping me with the accommodation. I also want to mention that she was so helpful from the beginning, she helped me to find my apartment, and set in.

What I love the most about this place is that the staff of the University is so caring and in position to help me every second. This helped me in making this place like a new home to me.

In the pictures below I tried to show you this beautiful place, beautiful houses and great people. Also I forgot to mention that this place actually looks like a real fairy tale.