University of Prishtina

The University of Prishtina (UP) was established on November 18, 1969. UP has 13 faculties, where researchers study every day to find new solution to the questions posed by nature, science and society to make its contribution of innovation and progress to the international scientific community and the world of production.

The Faculty of Agriculture which is among other 13 Faculties under umbrella of UP was founded on August 1973, as a result of the increasing needs for educated people with superior qualifications, which would result in faster development of agriculture in Kosovo.

The goal of FAV is education, research and the transfer of knowledge to the economy and public sector. Trends in development and professional advancement of scientific activity of academic staff have always been conditioned by socio-political circumstances. But in relation to the development of modern science and technology, they have continued to try and respond to the needs and requirements of the time. The Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary has its vision of long-term interest of fulfilling the mission and function, creating a new generation perspective, modernization and reform of the education system in Kosovo, regional and European integration in the field of agriculture and agribusiness.

Since the academic year 2001/2002 FAV has started with new study programs harmonized with the Bologna Process; undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate doctoral and specialist studies (3+2+3) (180+120+180 ECTS). The FAV teachers and researchers are involved in implementation of basic, development and applied research projects, and actively participating in professional collaboration.

FAV offers following study programs: Plant Production (Bsc), Business Management in Livestock (Bsc and Msc), Agro economy (Bsc and Msc), Plant Protection (Msc), Pomology –Viticulture with Horticulture (Msc), Field crop and Vegetables (Msc), Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and Food Technology (Bsc). The number of students at FAV is above 2500 students while the teaching staffs is 40 on regular basis and more that 60 each year are engaged from other Faculties from UP (in general subjects like chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc.).