T2P International Scientific Conference ′′Theory to Practice as a Cognitive, Educational and Social Challenge′′ – Day 1

The International Scientific Conference of the T2P project was opened on September 17th  by prominent guest members, namely Mr. Riccardo Serri, Deputy Head of Delegation of the EU Office in Kosovo, Mrs. Stefan Deplace, Chair of the IBC-M Board, Prof. Majda Černič /University of Ljubljana, representing T2P Consortium, Head of the Conference Prof. Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa, Director of IBC-M College and Prof. Jelena Stanojevic/ Organizing Committee Coordinator.

The International Scientific Conference of the T2P project is a product of successful and effective cooperation among the 17 partner institutions, which actively combined the agenda and the vision established at the beginning of the project. The idea for the conference resulted from the project partners initiative to gather a broader audience and debate on the transformation of theoretical approaches to solving different practical problems that apply to the reality we live in, across topics related to education, scientific research, social practice and information and strategy.

The conference had an international dimension and welcomed six renowned speakers and more than 120 participants from Kosovo, the region and throughout Europe.


The theme of this two-day interdisciplinary conference are the challenges in addressing cognitive, educational and social practice, covering the topics of:


  • Education Theory and Practice
  • Science and Research
  • Social Practice and Development
  • Information and Strategy


During the first day of the International Scientific Conference, authors presented their research works and then took part in discussions through the sessions.


The scientific conference was held online due to the current COVID-19 situation. However, we believe that networking and exchange of good practices by various researchers were possible and increasingly important even virtually, especially when efforts have been consolidated towards improved education in these challenging times with COVID-19.


For further information about the International Scientific Conference please follow this link: https://t2p-conference.org


PROJECT: ‘Creating Theory to Practice Centers for Innovation and Employment’


Since October 2017, IBC-M and a consortium of 17 partners has been leading the ERASMUS + K2 project, Creating Centers from Theory in Practice for Innovation and Employment / CTPCIE. The project aims to improve the compatibility of higher education with the labour market and society in Kosovo through the creation of stable interaction models between universities and companies.


For further information about the project please follow this link: https://t2p-centers.com