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Year 1. Project Supporting Documents

Document Name Document Description Document Status  Date added
Dissemination and Exploitation Plan The purpose of the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan is to provide guidelines the project’s partners throughout Work Package 4:

  • to help partners better understand WP4 goals and their individual responsibilities,
  • to give consortium members a clear idea of how to communicate the project’s goals, progress and results through the most appropriate tool to selected audience targets, in a timely manner,
  • to help partners better understand the importance of their coordination and timely dissemination.
Final 26th of February, 2019
Quality Assurance Plan The purpose of the Quality Assurance Plan is to define the actions and measures taken by each partner in the project in order to ensure that not only are the activities described in the application completed according to the Work Plan but also that the quality of these activities are of an appropriate standard and that they are in line with the QA procedures in EU universities as well as in compliance with the contractual requirements of the Project. Final 26th of February, 2019
Table of Achievements Indicators of achievement and/or performance as indicated in the project proposal. Final 26th of February, 2019
Baseline Study This report presents the first results of a very comprehensive baseline survey. Final 28th of  February, 2019
Academic Sustainability Plan Final 28th of  February, 2019


Staff Costs

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Travel Costs

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