Kosovo Chamber of Commerce

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC) is a non profitable, non political, independent and professional organization, funded in the year 1962 by the Kosovo Parliament.KCC is an institution in the service of Kosovo economy, a constructive partner of Kosovo’s state institutions, a partner in the social dialogue as well as promoter for economic development and greater macroeconomic policies.

KCC has 15,000 members on individual bases and/or sectoral associations and it is oriented in offering different possibilities for private businesses to promote their products and services as well as create contacts with local and international collaborators.

The aim of Kosovo Chamber of Commerce is to provide quality services in accordance with members/clients requirements; increasing the presence of KCC in important social and economic processes and maintenance of financial stability .

In order to promote its members, Kosovo Chamber of Commerce organizes Regional and European fairs with a long standing tradition. These fairs offer innovative values in all economic areas as well as new insights on exchange of values and ideas between Kosovar and international businesses.

Investment promotion, economic development, employment growth and the process of European integration are the main goals of these fairs.

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce within the department of economic analysis, provides regular publications regarding business trends, research on company barriers, studies on the situation of foreign investors and the main barriers they have encountered during the investment in Kosovo and analysis on training needs of enterprises.

KCC is:

  • member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • 46th member in the largest European association of Chamber of Commerce – Eurochambres.
  • member and the main representative of employers in the Social Economic Council (SEC)
  • member of the National Council for Economic Development,
  • member of the Consultative Council on customs and tax administration
  • member of parliamentary and government committees on development and drafting economic legislation
  • and member on many executive boards and independent, professional agencies.

KCC also is a member of DIHK Project, CEFTA and a member of the Forum and the Governing Council of Investors of the Western Balkans Chambers.