North West Regional College

North West Regional College is a leading provider of education and skills training within Northern Ireland (NI). Courses are provided from entry level to HEI levels and there are 4 schools covering the following curriculum areas:


  • Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Performing Arts
  • Training and Skills
  • Health & Sport
  • Science, Technology and Creative Industry

The College also provides bridging opportunities both in the College and community environment to the NEETs demographic, especially those in the 16-18 age category, with a strong emphasis on essential skills development in literacy, numeracy and ICT and development opportunities through apprenticeship programmes such as Training for Success, and Apprenticeship Northern Ireland. These apprenticeship style programmes offer great opportunities to gain recognition for skills and experience acquired in the workplace. The College also provides courses for those still in secondary education through link programmes by delivering teaching in curriculum areas that many of the primary and secondary schools in the outlying region would not have the facilities to provide.

The HE element of delivery adheres to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education review process for quality management and the FE element is governed by Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI). These external reviews are completed at course, curriculum area and department level. The College also run an internal quality management system that is continually ongoing across all operational areas with Self Evaluation Report (SERs) and Quality Improvement Plans (QIP) being updated periodically. These internal quality management are also reviewed during QAA and ETI inspections.

NWRC has a wide range of skills in developmental project management, mobility programmes, multiculturalism and innovation across the sectors and curriculum, with community/volunteer organisations both in the classroom environment and in the community. Guidance and assessment tools, research and participation in the development of competences and blended learning experiences have been an important part of the previous projects. The College supports intercultural and innovative dialogue to further the experiential levels of personal and professional development.